Raise Your Hand If You LOVE Christmas!

Okay, let's be honest...who doesn't love Christmas? I mean, c'mon. Well I personally love Christmas, but not in a "yea-I-get-lots-of-presents" kid kind of way though. The thing I love most about Christmas {besides the obvious fact that we're celebrating the birth of our Savior and King}, I L-O-V-E giving gifts.

My husband gets annoyed with me because as Christmas draws near I begin my obnoxious list-making of all the people we could give gifts to. Notice I didn't say people we need to give gifts to. I said people we could give gifts to, as in I make up reasons to give gifts to as many people as I can think of. No joke, last year I found myself putting together gifts for people who in all reality didn't really need a gift. I'm a freakish joyful gift-giver ... watch out people, you just never know when you might get a random gift from crazy Aimee. Heck, I've even thought about keeping a few practical gifts in my car {year-round} to hand out to people who I come across that seem to be having a bad day. Yes, I will admit that. Gift-giving brings me SO much job, I can hardly stand it. Go ahead, tell me I have a problem and need help. I just can't help it. What an easy way to show the love of Christ to someone ... through something as simple as a basic gift!

So, in the spirit of starting to think about Christmas {even though I've been buying gifts since January}, I've designed my very first Red Letter Ink Christmas print that I wanted to share with you today - it's hot off the press ... and freshly listed in my Etsy shop!

 I'm thinking I might use this print as inspiration for some free printable gift tags, what do ya think? Leave me a comment if you'd like to see some sweet gift tags you could print, trim & add to your Christmas gifts!



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