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Another Year of Learning

Well, today's the last day of school for our kiddos. While that evokes some sentimental feelings for many of us parents, it also made me stop and reflect back on how much our kids have grown and learned this year. There have been many things academically that our kids have learned over the past school year thanks to the diligent and careful instruction of many awesome teachers. But there have also been many things our kids have learned as a result of slowly maturing and being encouraged both at home and school to look at situations from a variety of angles.

As a parent, I share the same battles I'm sure many of you do with your kids – the constant sassing back, the "attitudes", the self-centered behaviors, the verbal jabs, all the things that come with our kids being young and thinking they know everything...and most certainly exempt from needing mom and dad to correct them on anything. Honestly, more days than not, I find myself shaking my head, wondering if I'…

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