Christmas Cards Are HERE!!!

Last week on Twitter a friend of mine (@pbapottery) tweeted, "Are you doing Christmas card templates this year - as in photo cards?" in response to my free printable gift tags. I've often thought about doing some Christmas card designs, but for one reason or another something else always came real work that needed to be done or children who needed something or the dog needed to go out and my ADD kicked in, which meant I got distracted and forgot whatever I was intending to do... Happens a lot, unfortunately. Anyway, after Pete the Potter asked, I thought BY GOLLY, this is going to be the year I do it - the year I design Christmas cards for someone other than myself!

Well I'm happy to report that even though I was severely distracted this week by a million other things (can you say not one but two hard drives crashing, leaving me to set up a whole new system while trying to keep up with the chaos I call 'freelance graphic design'), I have reached my goal of not only having some Christmas cards designed, but actually posted in my Etsy shop. Impressive if I do say so myself. Now to find the time to finish up the 8-10 other designs I started but haven't finished yet...well anyway, I'm super excited to share these designs with you for now! My hope is that these will be a fun way for people to send out Christmas cards focusing on the true meaning of this holiday season. Stay tuned for more designs coming soon!

P.S. Thanks for the prompt to get this show on the road, Pete ... and just a quick shout out to my friend Delaney - thanks for getting the rest of my blog pulled together. Be sure to check out the links up above to learn more about Red Letter Ink!



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