No Not One

Happy Monday everyone! Although we've had a dreary, wet weekend here in Minnesota, I woke up this morning excited for the day - excited to see what God has in store for me this fine, gloomy day! As I sat down to my computer after dropping my kids off at school, I logged in to my Etsy storefront, my email, and even Facebook to catch up after being "off the grid" over the weekend.

First of all, I was absolutely BLOWN AWAY when I returned home last night and saw all of the Etsy orders you all sent along - wowsers. So I've got my work cut out for me today! But the blessing of new orders has also brought about something else. As I've watched God do incredible things in and through Red Letter Ink this past year, I can't help but wonder what else we can be doing to help show Christ's love to others who may be hurting, especially this time of year. For most of us Christmas is an exciting, wonderful time of year - but sadly, for others, all the commercialization about the biggest and best gifts you HAVE to buy for your children is a stark reminder for those struggling to make ends meet that there may not be much of a Christmas this year. As I sat and thought about that, I felt God nudging me to take a good chunk of our sales from the month of November {our biggest, bestest month EVER on Etsy} and turn this money around to help those in need. This afternoon I'll be heading to the local foodshelf to pick out another family in need who could use a little help this Christmas with food & gifts. Our family has sponsored a family every year since my husband and I got married, but this year, we're going to pick an extra family above and beyond the one we've chosen as a family - this one will be receiving a "Red-Letter-Ink sponsored Christmas"!!!  We're VERY excited about this!!!

Now for a very random change in subject {because that's how I roll - my middle initial is "R"...for real} - when I logged in to Facebook this morning a friend had posted a link to a video of 3 kids singing "O Come All Ye Faithful". I figured, oh yay - Christmas music...and clicked on it. Wow. I had no idea what I was in for. How have I never heard of these kids before? Well, in case you were in the dark like me - check out the group called "Daves Highway". They are 3 siblings and their harmonies are A-MAZING. I mean, completely, amazing. As I was clicking through some of their YouTube videos I found this one and it brought me to tears listening to the words and remembering the Sunday mornings many years ago singing this in church with my family:

The words of this song give such peace and comfort - I love it!

Have a blessed day!



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