Divine Appointments

Recently I got a call from my sweet friend Heidi with a question, "So, any chance you'd want to help us put together our birth parent letter? We've decided to move forward with adoption #3." Um, YES PLEASE!

Heidi and I met a couple of years ago in sort of a random way. I should clarify, Heidi and I officially met...we kind of had that whole, "yeah, I think I know who they are" thing going on. I vaguely knew who she was through a couple of mutual friends {she was the "girl who cuts my hair" for a couple of friends}, but hadn't ever really stood face-to-face with her and said, "Hi, I'm Aimee....nice to meet you". I was coordinating a Women's Retreat through church and out of the blue, I got a call from Heidi saying, "Hi, we've never met, but I wanna join your group on the women's retreat this weekend." Of course I politely applauded her brave decision to go away for the weekend with a group of random wild church girls she didn't really know, but I didn't think much of it. Well, if there was ever such a thing as a "Divine appointment", that's just what the weekend was for myself and Heidi. We clicked right off the bat. So many similarities, so many matching quirks, it was fantastic. Since that weekend we've continue to grow closer and closer. She's one of the few friends I have who I know I can always count on when I'm having a tough day or am feeling discouraged about something related to my daughter's special needs, etc. And she's shared so much with me surrounding her and Andy's decision to adopt after facing infertility issues over the years. I can honestly say, these types of friendships are few and far between - what a blessing!

{Heidi & I the first weekend we "met"}

Now, back to my story...adoption #3 was officially "in process" for this awesome family. And I was honored to be able to use my gifts as a graphic designer to help them bring home yet another one of God's gifts! Heidi and I sat down and talked through what she wanted to convey through their letter to the potential birth moms. I could barely contain the excitement inside of me as I heard her talk about welcoming a new little one in to their family! I. Love. This. Stuff.

After our talk, I could already visualize in this weird brain of mine how the letter Heidi had written and the photos she'd given me would all come together. I'm pretty sure I sat there at the computer with a big smile on my face for a few hours as I put my crazy thoughts into an actual digital design. When I emailed it over to Heidi, I got an instant text. She was a happy camper...and that made two of us, because every time I look at the design I can't help but smile thinking about the little one God has already chosen for them - another Divine appointment just waiting to happen.

Now to anxiously await the newest addition to the "S" family that God's been preparing... {I'm on pins and needles - SO EXCITING!!!}

P.S. Don't forget - a portion of Red Letter Ink's sales will go to support The Sparrow Fund {and adoptive families} for the month of May.  Perfect time to grab a birthday present, graduation present, bridal shower present, etc.!



  1. Aimee - so beautiful! What a neat appointment for you both! You should list this type of thing on Etsy - would be such a great service to families for you to help them design these important profiles!


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