It Is Well

Howdy everyone! Time to kick it in gear and BLOG, so here goes nothin'!

I don't know if you saw my latest design or not, but I have to admit, it's my favorite to-date. I can't stop looking at it ... there's something that just makes me smile when I see it. Well today it hit me why that is. I had a flashback to sitting in the chapel at Trout Lake Camp a few Septembers ago while I was attending their Fall Women's Retreat. The speaker that year was extremely "deep" in comparison to the light-hearted speakers I'd heard in years past. Initially, I didn't know what I thought about her speaking style, but as the weekend unfolded, I found myself completely in awe of how God was using her words to touch me at my most vulnerable spot. The speaker spoke on the different trials and circumstances she'd been forced to deal with in her life and asked us to think of the absolute lowest point we'd ever been at in our lives. Undoubtedly for me, my lowest point was when my husband and I received a devastating diagnosis of a neurological disorder for our young daughter back in 2006. I remember hearing the doctor rattle off a bunch of big words I didn't know the meanings of. I remember being handed a pile of papers which included referrals to see other specialists. I remember feeling numb and in complete and utter shock. And then I remember the many nights where I silently cried myself to sleep with a heavy heart, unsure what the future would hold for our sweet girl - or our family, for that matter.

Over the course of the weekend, the speaker continued to share her story and declared that no matter what obstacles God places in our life, we need to boldly claim "It Is Well" because HE is in control at all times. Even when our lives feel like they're spiraling out of control. And even when we feel so incredibly helpless. He ordained a plan for our lives long before we were ever thought of or imagined. And by claiming the truth that "It Is Well" in all seasons of life, we are transformed by our faith in Him. That weekend I remember sitting in chapel with tears in my eyes praying to the Lord, "It Is Well", trusting Him to work out all the difficult details in my life at that time.

Fast-forward to 2012, and there are no words to describe the blessings God has lavished on my family and I. I've successfully managed to run my freelancing graphic design business for over 5 years now, after leaving my corporate job in January of 2007 to make sure our daughter got the additional therapy and support she needed. She's an absolute joy and is doing very well, all things considered. I've also had the privilege of starting up a business that brings my heart SO much joy - Red Letter Ink. Each day I'm absolutely blown away by God's goodness, none of which I deserve.

Last weekend, our family closed on a beautiful new-to-us cabin in northwestern Wisconsin, close to where I grew up. Yet another blessing I never could have dreamt up or imagined ... but He has given it to us. The very first thing I did as we unpacked, I unwrapped my brand new canvas that had arrived just in time for our closing, and set in on the mantle. I stood there staring at it for quite a while. There really could be nothing more appropriate to set on our mantle than this. We will now have a constant reminder of where God has brought us and where He continues to lead us...because no matter what happens, "It Is Well".



  1. That's my favorite hymn too. Spafford had such faith, hope, and trust in the midst of tragedy that I can't help but be inspired by his words. Congrats on the new blog, reminds me that I should actually go and update my own!


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